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Welcome to the 2020 Rainworth SKODA Dukeries Rally which will be held on of Sunday 6th December at the fantastic Donington Park venue. This will be the 61st consecutive Dukeries Rally organised by Dukeries Motor Club.

For any rally to be successful it needs the support of a large number of marshals and officials. The organisers of the Dukeries Rally are very grateful for all the support they receive from many motor clubs, groups and individuals.  This year is no exception and we are pleased to confirm that we have reached the maximum number of Marshals and Radio Crews that we can accommodate for the 2020 Dukeries Rally.  Thank you. 

We will provide all the necessary information including a time schedule, entry list, stage plans and the refreshment voucher. Note: Due to the proximity of East Midlands Airport we are NOT permitted to use the Motorsport UK Safety Frequency. Radio communication will use the Donington hand held radios only.

The event Code of Practice for the mitigation of Covid-19   HERE

Marshals and Radio Crew Information document  HERE

Latest!  All the Marshals, Officials and Competitors e-tickets for the Dukeries Rally at Donington have been sent out.  They come from MSV Print @ Home Tickets and the title MSV Event Tickets.  NB: It is not unusual for them to end up in your spam / junk box.

Other Marshal related documents for the event are published at the bottom of this page.

Clerk of the Course Bob Draper (Motorsport UK Licensed Clerk of the Course)
Event Co-ordinator & Deputy Clerk of the Course  David Baugh (Tel: 07946 511035)  Email: [email protected]
Deputy Clerk of the Course & Set Up co-ordinator  Andy Smith
Entries Secretary Joanne Smith (Tel: 01623 480410)  Email: [email protected]

12 Breckbank, Forest Town, Mansfield, Notts. NG19 0PZ

Secretary of the Meeting Howard Wilcock (Tel: 0115 9665176)   Email: [email protected]
Event Safety Officer & Covid 19 Officer Simon Hall
Chief Marshal Steve Gasgoine   Email: [email protected]
Chief Medical Officer Tim Slater
Communications Co-ordinator Ken Paterson
Chief Scrutineer Paul Hewer (Motorsport UK National)
Environmental Scrutineer Richard Moyses (Motorsport UK licenced)
Stage Setup Co-ordinator Andy Smith
Chief Timekeeper Richard Blackshaw
Event Press Officer Tony Bukowski    Email: [email protected]
Club Safeguarding Officer Karen Gough
Awards Co-ordinators Barry and Irene Jeffery

Marshals and Officials Downloads

Limited Contact Rally Timekeeping

Marshals Guide

Covid 19 Guidance for Marshals

Issued by Motorsport UK

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